Triviwat Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Specialist & Intelligent

With experience that spans over 40 years, Triviwat Intertrade Co., Ltd. is truly a specialist in the production of glass syringes, not only in the modern design but also the production development. The company has a deeply understanding of customer needs and knowledge of their products as well. Furthermore, the company contains with a variety of glass production lines to support the medical and scientific industries, Cosmetic Industry and woven rubber industry at reasonable prices but still maintaining the quality and service on a global level.

High Quality Processing

Triviwat Intertrade Co., Ltd. takes careful attention in every step of production from raw material sourcing process until the process of shipping. The products from the company have guaranteed quality by the quality system checked from the specialists and a medical device quality management system according to the international ISO13485 and the US FDA, ensuring that customers always receive the best quality products.